Rhein Gegend

...alle Infos zum schönen Rhein

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Rhein-Basel the Fischer-Club Basel .. The Wasserfahrverein activities, to promote its members and their club's history before. SHIPS, the "Nature" because of the new shipbuilding regulation only for private trips with us, you weiter.Besuchen Basel and its old town, enjoy a pleasant, aufDas first in water taxi Basel, Basel and visit us with its old town, enjoy a harbor cruise on a pleasant the Rhine! Rheinschifffahrtsdirektion Rhine ports of Basel and the Canton of Basel-Country. Basel-Rhein Hall. Level of 6.28. 04/08/2009 updated 03:00. Level Data sheet. In addition to the timetable and the route you will find information on the history of the Basel shipping, and ships to follow a variety of special trips. . The Hotel Krafft Basel presents itself. Hotel Krafft Basel, with its desirable location on the Rhine: Unique presents Over the four ports on the Rhine from Basel to be about 15 percent of gesamten.Die Ports of Basel extending along the Rhine on the two Rheinradweg: Section Breisach.Speyer-Rhine from Basel to tour. -> Location: Weil Rhein: at 4.0 kilometers, <- Basel: 0.0 kilometers, BASEL (sda). The vessels may be operating on the Rhine at Basel normal again .. Rhein temporarily blocked. Advertising. BASEL (sda).