Rhein Gegend

...alle Infos zum schönen Rhein

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The Rhine is the 1324 km long and is one of the busiest rivers in the world.
On average, 2,300,000 liters of water per second flowing from the Rhine into the North Sea.
The source of the Rhine is situated in the Alps. Thereafter, the Rhine flows through Lake Constance and then crosses over Germany and Holland.
Overall, the Rhine is divided into 8 sections: Alpenrhein Obersee, Seerhein, Upper Rhine, Upper Rhine, Middle Rhine, Lower Rhine, the Rhine-Meuse delta.
According to this 1324 km-long path of the Rhine flows into the North Sea. The appearance of the Rhine was run by the people of the 19th Century has changed significantly.
Between 1817 and 1876, the Rhine has been straightened out. Prior to the straightening of the Rhine river bed of the Rhine, proceeded in zig-zags.
After the complete straightening of the Rhine was available for shipping. The straightening left as well as many environmental damage.
Another disadvantage of Begradinung was a significantly higher risk of flooding for the northern Rhine region, since the flow velocity was significantly increased.
The old riverbed of the Rhine, still exists. In most sections, flows into the so-called Old Rhine still water.
There are some nature reserves around the Old Rhine.