Rhein Gegend

...alle Infos zum schönen Rhein

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The Rhine starts at Stein am Rhein. Here, the Rhine leaves the submarine, or Lake Constance.
The Rhine travels in this section, a gradient of 143 meters. One of the sights of the Rhine, the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen.
On average, 373,000 gallons of water per second plunge down the Rhine Falls. After the water, this is the second largest waterfall in Europe.
The Rhine flows largely in an artificial river with many dams.
In Koblenz, the Aare and Rhine flows and significantly increases the amount of water of the Rhine.
The Aare has himself at this point even more water than the Rhine. Ends of the Rhine in Basel.
Between Stein am Rhein and Basel, the Rhine is usually the border river between Switzerland and Germany.

The following trips there on the Upper Rhine:
- Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen
- Aare
- Basel