Rhein Gegend

...alle Infos zum schönen Rhein

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Rhein-Sued-Black The Black Forest is making a beautiful area to vacation.
The region has, of course, the Black Forest offer themselves.
In the Black Forest, many lakes and rivers where you can take boat rides.
The Rhine, is digging through the Rhine-plain is another popular destination.
Course can be taken on the Rhine ship and boat rides.
From Basle out, you can take the short but also longer trips.
A wonderful town in the Black Forest is Freiburg. The city of Freiburg is well worth seeing and has to offer including the Freiburg Cathedral as a landmark to.
Also the night life in Freiburg is not too short, especially the pubs in the city center are worth a visit.

The Black Forest also offers a popular destination for motorcyclists. A favorite destination is the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen.
You start in Freiburg, go across the Schauinsland in the Black Forest and then to Schaffhausen on the Rhine.
The Schauinsland is one of the best and most popular bike routes. Famous recruited by the former Schauinsland race.
But beware: The Schauinsland route is blocked at the weekend for motorcyclists. An alternative is then the Hell Valley.

Another popular excursion is Constance, situated directly on Lake Constance. In Constance, the Rhine leaves Lake Constance.
Boat on Lake Constance are always worth a visit. In addition, a car ferry across Lake Constance.